A clone character is a common inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series, and many other fighting games as well. It describes two or more characters that have nearly identical movesets with slight variations in the attacks. From the developer's perspective, a given character's model can be used as a base template from which to build another, and it is usually evident which one is the "original" and which is the clone. Most clones are from the same series of games.


Semi-cloning (sometimes known as Luigification) is when a character has some attacks that are similar to those of another character, while still having some variation in terms of moveset or special attacks. The term originated from Luigi, who was originally nearly indistinguishable from Mario, but has slowly been given his own unique characteristics and attacks. This is similar to the development of Luigi throughout the Mario series' development.

Many clones from Melee were then given semi-clone qualities before they returned in Brawl, while some did not return. The exact meaning can vary for different people. Some believe that any character with clone-like traits that has any variation in attacks are semi-clones, while others think that certain characters need more unique attacks to be a semi-clone.

Clones in CrusadeEdit

Semi-Clones in CrusadeEdit

  • Mario and Luigi: Luigi has 7 different moves from Mario.
  • Link and Toon Link: Toon Link has 7 different moves from Link.