Triforce Slash
Link Triforce Slash
Link delivering the fatal blow to Ryu
User Link
Final Smash Trapping
Uses Link swings his sword. If it connects, he traps the opponent with two images of the Triforce and repeatedly slashes his opponent 13-14 times that deal 54-60% damage

The Triforce Slash serves as Link's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Crusade. The attack consists of Link trapping and slashing his opponent multiple times until he finishes the opponent off with a powerful impale stab.

There are notable differences with this version of the Triforce Slash with the Super Smash Bros Brawl version. In Brawl, Link will shoot a ray of light from the back of his hand using the Triforce and then rushes to the opponent who got hit by the ray and is noticeably stronger. In Crusade, Link uses a Triforce powered swing to trap the opponent and it has less slashes and is noticeably weaker. Although, the Crusade version can actually hit more opponents with the starting slash and is safer to use aerially.


The Triforce Slash does a total of 54% to the opponent. Each slash does a total of 3% damage and the final blow will deal 12%, sending the opponent flying.